It’s been a while…

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote a post, and this time it’s not because I was too lazy to write one.

In my life I can honestly say that I have never been as busy as I was in the past 3 weeks. With motor shows, car dealer conferences, motorcycle shows and everything else on top, I’ve honestly spent a lot of my spare time sleeping.

Due to varied events and an extremely important motor show in Tokyo the office was empty I’ve the past few weeks, at many points it was just a singular colleague and myself running the press office. It was an experience to say the least and one I’m glad to have worked through successfully – in my opinion.

Taking on not just my supervisors work but also doing parts of my managers job was really tough, balancing two separate jobs with my own was never going to be easy – which I found out first hand. One minute I’d be writing internal Comms and the next I’d be sorting out Journalists with information they needed for a 5pm deadline. It was genuinely hectic.

This was all going on whilst I “project managed” our CSR project around our Car Dealer Conference. It’s all a bit of a blur but I’m recovering quickly with more exciting things ahead.

Our CSR project involved raising money for charity and involving the community in our efforts. This proved an interesting task with obstacles constantly stunting our planning growth but it allowed me to work with an external agency closely, which in turn helped my develop my managerial skills – something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. The night turned out to be a huge success from our CSR side with the company raising over £4000 for charity!

One of my main tasks for the past months has been the creation of a coverage Ebook. This is a compilation of all our coverage received and, with the publishers permission, compiled into an Ebook for internal staff to view all in one place. Compiling articles was the hardest part as going through the normal PR channels wouldn’t have proved successful. What I did find helpful was publishers actively trying to help, which I didn’t expect to happen. It lead me to interact with some specialist journalists as well which is really useful for future networking. The Ebook was premiered at the car dealer conference, and it was great to overhear the positive comments from dealers about my work. The gentlemen next to me was rather impressed that I’d collated and over saw the creation of the Ebook. People don’t expect much of an intern/placement student.

This time allowed me to prove myself not just to my team but people in the industry we work with regularly. Journalists now come to me actively to ask questions instead of waiting for my managers out of office, and I feel comfortable answering their queries. We joked in the office about how I was running the office a few weeks back and it felt true almost. That responsibility was scary but helped me work hard to achieve my goals.

I’ve also started working on events at weekends, which is a great way to continue learning about what the company does and its values. Two recent events have been

Mumsnet: Blogfest and Motor Cycles live

. Both were totally different one focused on engaging bloggers and getting them to release their creativity. The other focused on motorcyclists and their passion for the brand and its products. The latter helped a lot as a lot of the visitors taught me a lot about our bikes and passed on invaluable knowledge.

The team really appreciated my hard work, which I really appreciated in turn. It’s good to get acknowledgement and praise – it’s confidence boosting and helps turn constructive criticism into objectives and goals. I also got a humungous surprise which I’ll reveal next time I write. All I can say is I’m glad University hasn’t ruined my appetite for pizza and pasta!

Dev :) x


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